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HHI Fundraiser at RedLine

On a brilliant and warm October evening, Humanitarian House International hosted a fund raiser at Denver's RedLine, and organization that connects artists with the community. HHI is grateful to RedLine for providing a wonderful venue for our fundraiser, and for their long-lasting support of our mission.

We are also grateful to our other sponsors that provided HHI-logo shirts, printing services, speakers, food, beverages, and staff for the event:

The HHi House at RedLine

Photo of HHi House Outside RedLine

Stuart Ohlson, Architect and Chairman of the Board, Humanitarian House International

Photo of Stuart Ohlson

Andrew Wolff, Executive and Co-Founder, Children's Future

Photo of Andrew Wolff

Stephanie Victa, Global Relations Advisor, Humanitarian House International

Photo of Stephanie Victa

Audience at Fundraiser

Audience at Fundraiser

Robert Melich, Program Manager and Secretary, Humanitarian House International

Photo of Robert Melich
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