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The Need—Emergency Shelter That Adapts to Long-Term Dwellings

Over a million Haitian men, women, and children lost their homes in the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010. In response to this event, the international humanitarian community deployed tents and built makeshift communities. These tents provided immediate shelter to the displaced people of Haiti, but these tent communities were susceptible to flooding, intrusion of waterborne disease.

More than one billion families live in severe housing conditions due to war, natural disaster, and poverty.

The inspiration for the establishment of Humanitarian House International and the HHi House© came from the images of these communities and their suffering. There had to be an alternative housing solution to address the needs of these people, a need seen in refugee communities and urban slums around the world.

Today, surprisingly few housing solutions address this gigantic challenge. In natural disasters and refugee camps, tents are relatively inexpensive and easily deployed. They provide immediate shelter and some degree of privacy. However, the UN has stated that, “on average tents in a camp last 6 months while the camps last up to 12 years.”

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